Dwarves are an isolated race that dominate the hills and mountains of Salovar. They are an industrious race of miners and tunnelers. This has caused some tension between the dwarves and the elves and dryads, who view themselves as protectors of the environment.

Dwarven society is male-dominant, with social status often linked to the number of wives a dwarf has. Each wife is represented by a braid in the beard, and are generally treated as property. This has caused even further strife with the matriarchal society of the dryads.

The dwarves are currently ruled by [King Dwarfy the Dwarven].

Dwarves bury their dead, with picks and shovels, in stone cairns, believing that those worthy will tunnel their way to the center of the world to reach the afterlife. Those that fail to reach the center are trapped, eventually turning to stone themselves.


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