Dryads, the matriarchs of the forest, are Salovar’s longest-lived race. Though dryads come in variety of sizes and types, most are lithe and tower over the other races of Salovar. Dryads strongly resemble elves, though they stand 6-7 feet tall at maturity. Dryads have been known to live for centuries, and the oldest of the dryads have grown as tall as 14 feet. They are slender and graceful, with a thick crop of leaves that replace what would otherwise be hair. Their ears, like elves are pointed, but are longer and straighter. Their skin is like that of humans or elves, but bears bark-like markings that allow them to camouflage themselves in forests with ease. Dryads come in a multitude of forms, many similar in pattern to conifers.

The race of dryads is unique in being the only race comprised entirely of females. They reproduce by creating seeds, often in the form of cones (though nuts and fruit are not unheard of). It is said that male seeds form regular trees, while female seeds spawn new dryads. Though they reproduce asexually, partnerships between dryads are common, and some have even found partners amongst the elves. This has spawned crude stories that dryads were created when an elf successfully mated with a tree ages ago.

Dryads spend most of their lives in the forests, with their people. As part of their progression to adulthood, young dryads partake in an extended trek throughout Salovar, to learn of other cultures and experience the world outside of the forest. This is the most common way for other races to interact with dryads. Elves are an exception to this, as they have coexisted with dryads for centuries.

Dryads eat less frequently than other races, but need far more water. They have been known to hunt for game, using spears, bows, and knives.


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